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The right document management solution can free your company to manage time, personnel-hours and physical resources more effectively than you ever thought possible.

DSSI is an expert provider of document scanning, storage and information management solutions within the commercial, government and law enforcement communities and has been for more than a decade.

From scanning, imaging and data basing large volumes of archived documents stored in warehouse facilities, to managing small and mid-sized business files and workflow systems, DSSI has the right solution for virtually every business.

Scanning and Data Capture Services

On-site and off-site teams prepare, scan and index documents anywhere you want

Scanning and Data Capture Products

Proven, state-of-the-art scanning and data capture hardware and software solutions for in-house implementation

Business Process Management

Implement best-practices for routing documents, emails and faxes

Improve business productivity

Automate common data entry functions

In-house Storage and Database Solutions

Integrate your electronic images into an existing data base or store them in a self-contained data-base with a runtime application.



Web-based Secure Document Storage Repository

Take advantage of DSSI’s web-based Secure Document Storage Repository

Professional Services

DSSI consultants are highly experienced and certified professionals in the field of enterprise content management.


Protect your business’s privacy and keep information in front of the right people

Safeguard documents from damage due to natural and physical disasters

Loss Prevention

Electronic documents aren't subject to being lost or damaged like their paper counterparts



DSSI Law Enforcement Software Division

We Stand Behind Your Convictions - since 1996

DSSI Law Enforcement Software Division delivers fully integrated software solutions for stand-alone or system-wide applications. From dispatch through parole, DSSI provides software systems for every link in the chain of law enforcement information management and distribution.

DSSI Law Enforcement Software Division

What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

In a nutshell, ECM the ability to electronically capture, store, retrieve and manage information, content and documents of all types relating to your business and best practices.